Tips & Tricks - June 2013

    Turf Maintenance!

  1. Ready or not Houston, your Texas summer is drawing near.  Although the summer solstice begins Friday June 21st, with the 90+ degree weather starting early this year, it’s time to put your lawn care practices in gear! However, rest assured that Creative Landscapes of Texas is here to assist and serve.

  2. With many more hot days ahead, as well as possible threats of drought, keeping your landscape looking lush and green throughout the summer begins with getting an early start on proper turf maintenance.

    Late spring maintenance tips that will help prepare your landscape for summer-

    • Know Your Turf.
      Understanding the kind of grass you have is crucial to proper care and maintenance. The common grasses are- Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia.

    • Inspect Your Mower & Yard Equipment.
      Since mowers have been sitting, if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to check the blades to ensure they are not dull or rusted. Replace or sharpen blades as needed. Replace spark plugs from manufacturer’s instructions. Drain and replace sitting oil, and inspect the air filter. After this, go ahead and test the mower before cutting grass.

    • Check overall health of soil & grass.
      Check soil health with a 4 in 1 pH Meter that tests temperature, moisture, pH, and shade levels. Yellow or brown areas on your turf may be a sign of bacterial and fungal disease, pests, nutrient deficiencies, and/or a pH imbalance in the soil. Successfully diagnose and treat these common problems with the appropriate materials.

    • Rid Turf of Crab Grass, Weeds, & Insects.
      Crab grass will start to germinate when the soil temperature is between 55-60° for 3+ days. If you haven’t already fertilized or applied herbicide to your turf for the spring, NOW is the time. Brown patches are an indication of weed and/or insect soil invasion; apply the appropriate insecticide and weed killer by visiting your local garden store for assistance.

  3. After completing the basic maintenance tips, your lawn is ready to be mowed and watered according to the type of Texas turf you have. Please refer to the table for care requirements.



    St. Augustine

    St. Augustine




    Thin blade
    Prickly, long
    Fine texture
    Thick, wide blade
    Course texture
    Medium texture
    Durable, yet short blade
    Sporty Turf



    Medium-Low (8-10 days)
    * AM watering. Water deeply
    and infrequently, at about 1”.

    Medium (7-10 days)
    * AM watering. Water deeply
    and infrequently, at about 1”.

    Medium (7-10 days)
    * AM watering. Water deeply
    and infrequently, at about 1”.





    Medium– High



    High and frequent


    Medium to low



    3-7 days

    5-7 days

    7-10 days



    Low –Medium
    1 to 1.5 inches

    2.5 to 3.5 inches

    Low- Medium
    1 to 1.5 inches

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